Transitioning Arslan: The Warriors of Legend from Anime to Video game

The studio that’s bringing us Arslan: The Warriors of Legend discusses the work involved when adapting the popular anime series into a video game.

Omega Force, a development team from Koei Tecmo, are not new when it comes introducing a different IP to the Warriors line-up, having previously worked on Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors. In the past, Koei Tecmo co-developed anime titles that have seen them create individual engines for the each title. Coming into Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, the team wanted to create an engine with an anime look which also be used in future potential titles.

“The biggest challenge for us was to find a way to revive the anime on an interactive medium.” For anime fans especially of the series – this is quite important. The seamless blend between the anime and video game allows fans to relive the experience in the form of an interactive medium.


The new engine gives the game an ‘anime look’ and features “more detailed and anime expressions in higher quality. “ With Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, the team has also mentioned they took “great care of the shadow and the image contour and used an optimized toon shader to make it look even closer to the anime.” And with our experience with the game back at Tokyo Game Show 2015, we really felt like the team has nailed it.

Going into a franchise like Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, I asked whether the team was allowed to deviate from the source material to create their own unique touches to the game. But the main focus from Koei Tecmo is about the story: “What is important to remember is that this title is in fact a re-telling of a wonderful tale.” The team have also added a Free Mode, which is full of new scenarios and original content which contains a robust amount of content as a “gift to fans,” but it’s really about the story and reliving the series.


With a strong focus on the IP and collaboration with the anime, I asked about whether the game would be appealing to the Western market especially newcomers as localization efforts have been faster than standard games you see out of Japan.

“This is a really strong story and the IP’s fanbase in the West is continuously growing” with the game also appealing to the ‘Warriors’ fan base as well which Koei Tecmo has emphasized, saying the market has been present for many years now which also “strongly resonates with them.”

“This is a really strong story and the IP’s fanbase in the West is continuously growing.”

Koei Tecmo has also mentioned newcomers will find the game easy to pick-up as the story “starts from the very beginning, it’s not necessary to be familiar with the Arslan franchise at all.” Which will help appeal to players who’ve never heard or seen Arslan before. So if you’re thinking about jumping into this title without knowing anything about the series, it won’t leave you out.


The team has also talked about post-launch plans and whether we’ll see extra content added to the game. “For core fans and users who want to experience more of Arslan, we are planning to release some DLC after the game’s launch.” These will include skill cards, additional scenarios, some costumes, weapons and wallpapers.

There’s lots of pride here with Arslan: The Warriors of Legend with the series’ brilliant story transitioned into video game form and Koei Tecmo feels that the game not only serves as a fan service, but will also appeal to the bigger crowd especially in the Western market even if you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga.

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC on the 10th of February 2016.