Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force has been on a roll lately with their video-game adaptation of popular anime’s recently. The team has tackled Arslan: The Warrior Legend in the past and is bringing the ultra-violent Berserk to life in the near future. While Arslan was a safe bet considering the studio is known for musou games like Dynasty Warriors. Their next anime adaptation however, Attack on Titan is definitely an anime that will challenge the studio.

Attack on Titan is not new on the video-game front as many developers have tried to tackle the series. Unfortunately, none of them were any good and fans were left questioning whether Attack on Titan can be adapted properly. If you haven’t heard of Attack on Titan for some reason, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans live in fear among massive man-eating giants called Titans. With the human population dwindling, giant walls were built to keep the Titans out but things never go to plan.

The story of Attack on Titan mainly revolves around three characters, protagonist Eren Yaeger, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman and best friend Armin Arlert. The game solely focuses around what has been revealed in the first season of the anime back in 2013 so ultimately serves as a re-telling of the narrative. There’s some new moments that’s been added but a majority of the game sticks to the original cannon.


With the fights in Attack on Titan mostly taken in the air, the game perfectly captures the verticality you’ll find in the series. The 3D manoeuvring gear allows players to shoot cables to ascend upwards and move around the place. Instead of approaching from the ground, you’ll find yourself flying through the air, avoiding Titans while taking them down. There’s two modes to movement in Attack on Titan and the game does well to transition from one to another. While navigating, players will move freely around the map finding different targets. Once a Titan is within your area of attack, you can switch into combat mode to engage the Titan.

The 360-degree style combat allows you to strategically target different body parts on Titan but just like in the anime, the nape is weakest point that brings down the target in one hit. The nape is however the hardest to hit and gets harder if the Titan notices you or if you get an abnormal one which is much more frantic and harder to hit. If the Titan moves around too fast, the players can target the legs and arms to slow it down making it easier to hit the weak point.


Combat usually takes place in open environments which are iconic from the anime/manga. Players who have watched the series will become instantly familiar with the environment which Omega Force perfectly captured. Characters from the series will also fight alongside you and you can recruit them to join your squad making it very intense in fights. Your combat gear will also wear out and you’ll need to change your blades and canisters before you continue to fight. There’s some resourcing while in combat and there’s also the option to upgrade and buy new gear between missions. You can buy 3D manoeuvring gear which stores more canisters and also lets you ascend and faster. Same goes with the blades where you can upgrade to better blades that deal more damage or/and last longer.

You’ll also find some smaller forms of gameplay chucked into the mix as well as story based elements where the player can interact with others to dive deeper into the Attack on Titan lore which is also great for fans wanting more from the series.


Attack on Titan’s weakest point is that it can get rather repetitive and at times way too easy most of the time. While it’s fun and definitely worth the experience for fans and newcomers, it can get rather dull for those seeking a challenge. You can jump up the difficulty for the game but I still feel like it needs to be a tad harder. However, in saying that – Omega Force has captured the feel of the anime so perfectly visually and mechanics wise, it just feels so satisfying taking down a Titan every time.


Despite being repetitive, Omega Force has finally created the Attack on Titan games fans have been waiting for. It follows the anime and manga so closely; you’re basically living the story in video-game form. Newcomers to the series may find the story a little daunting at first as it can be slightly confusing (like all manga/anime) but for the most part will pick it up quite easily. If you’re sick of waiting till 2017 before the 2nd season drop, why not re-live the first?

Developer: Omega Force

Publisher: Koei Tecmo

Platforms: PS4, PS Vita, PC, Xbox One

A review copy was provided by the publisher. Please note: Multiplayer wasn’t reviewed due to the servers not working on our copy at the time of writing. We’ll update it when it’s live.

The best Attack on Titan game out so farStays true to the manga and animeVisuals almost resembles the animeFast paced 360 combat
Can be very repetitiveNo English Dub, Subtitles only