The most tenured organisation in Oceanic SMITE history is returning to the Battleground of the Gods. Avant Garde today announced their sponsorship of SMITE Oceania Pro League team “Shalom”, one of the first teams to qualify for the new season of SMITE this year.

Guided by former Tainted Minds captain Tom “Tomolomu” Morgan and featuring former Avant Garde ADC Robdigidy now in the jungle role, this roster is looking to uphold the standard previous Avant teams have held in the Oceanic Region. One name to look for on this squad is Zac “Zaze” Stirton, a player who has generated a lot of attention for himself whilst competing in the Challenger’s scene. Ex-pro player Jesse “Jak47” Kemp whom previously played for Integral Nation will also be joining the team as coach.

Tom “Tomolomu” Morgan, Captain of the squad has said:

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity to represent Avant this year, having had Jyles approach us with the offer was unexpected but wonderful. For those that don’t know the Smite OPL scene you would consider our roster to be solid, but not T1, for now. The fact that Avant wishes to invest in us as a squad and help us along our path of experience and skill growth is amazing. We strive to provide Avant with a solid and stable roster for the year to come, and certainly some trips to LAN to shake up the top teams in OCE Smite.”

Managing the SMITE team will be Jyles Lulham, whom has also commented on the announcement:

“We’re incredibly excited to work with Tomolomu and the rest of the Smite team. This roster is a great mix of veterans, new talent and big personalities. We feel that this roster has a lot of room for growth and are confident that working together we’ll be able to bring out the best in each other.”

The full Avant Garde roster is:

  • Zac “Zaze” Stirton – ADC
  • Tom “Tomolomu” Morgan – Support (Captain)
  • Brodie “JustSpeedy” Brennan – Mid
  • Robert “Robdigidy” De Jong – Jungle
  • Thomas “Elkeiro” Keir – Solo
  • Jesse “Jak47” Kemp – Coach