If you’ve never heard of Azubu, it’s a “nothing but esports’ livestreaming competing against Twitch TV. This week, the company has dropped the new 3.0 version adding new and improved features to the service.

Azubu 3.0 introduces a new modular layout where broadcasters can custom-design pages for themselves or how their stream is displayed to the viewers. You can also add in modules such as social, stats, profile and chat with more coming in the future.

The service also introduces full 24/7 live customer support – something not seen with livestreaming platforms in English, Korean and Portuguese.

“Since we launched, we’ve had phenomenal feedback – over 90% of it positive – and some great suggestions for improvement” said Azubu CEO, Ian Sharpe.

“3.0 is bigger than an upgraded video player or a more streamlined global infrastructure. It is a reflection of our dedication to eSports. It is a way to empower the community. The need for an eSports-dedicated streaming platform is greater than ever and we want to continue to build out a platform that reflects just that: all eSports, all of the time.”

You can check out Azubu.TV 3.0 now.