Gearbox Studios and 2K have revealed the launch date of Battleborn at Gamescom in a badass trailer that channels the tone and colourful chaos of Borderlands. The game will hit the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 9, 2016.

The Gamescom trailer echoes the iconic Borderlands trailers from Gearbox with a tongue in cheek tone and over the top style that made the originals so memorable. Aside from showing story modes, cooperative play and competitive battles, we learnt the game will allow split screen play on the Xbox One and PS4, a definite plus for multiplayer fun.

Alongside the trailer, four new characters have been announced on Battleborn’s twitter. The characters – Benedict, Mellka, Ambra and Rayna – are a part of the huge 25 character roster, with more characters to be revealed before launch.CLr-KmkUAAAorVe For more info on Battleborn and character previews, make sure to visit the game’s website.