Broadcasting yourself to the world can not only be a difficult task, but it can also be a nerve racking task. Imagine sitting down in front of your computer, with the possibility of thousands of people watching your every move and doing your best to entertain them. Oceania has a wide variety of streamers that have “made it”. But for Naysy, she has not only built a solid community for her brand, but she has also taken it to the next level by giving back to her region with self-creations such as “WomANZ”, a community for all females within this region to help grow their brands too.

I sat down with Naysy over the past few days and asked her a line of questioning that was to do with how she got to where she is today, how she deals with criticism and what advice she has for anyone looking to make it big within the streaming community.

World-renowned for her purple hair, Naysy has built a self created brand that not only focuses on her personality, but also has a strong marketing ploy based around the colour purple; of course her favourite colour. So to kick things off, I asked her the following one liner that every journalist dreams of; Who is the person behind the purple hair?

“I’m Anais, otherwise known as Naysy online. I’m a variety Twitch broadcaster from Brisbane, Australia. I also work part time as the social media and marketing producer for Hipster Whale, the creators of Crossy Road. I graduated from a game development degree in 2014 and have been working in the games industry ever since.”

I know, I know; huge question right? But one key thing I did get out of this question, was the fact that Naysy has years of experience in the marketing universe and has works with some high class creators within the mobile gaming industry; tools that make her the perfect candidate for building a strong brand. Which then led to my next line of questioning; Recently you have found yourself in the limelight for being very successful within this region and have not only partnered with a couple brands; but you’ve also created WomANZ. How do you think you got to this point and how has it affected your life?

“I think working in marketing has given me a good understanding of how to work with brands. There’s so many elements of growing a Twitch channel such as marketing yourself and growing a community and I think these elements are so important for any Twitch streamer. I love the creativity of streaming and challenging myself to find interesting ways to add more interactive elements to my stream. The more fun I can have making my stream fun, the more my community can get involved and have a good time.”

As of 2018, Twitch has averaged 3.1 million channels going live each month; but how many of these actually grind out the growth of their channel and actually enjoy growing their channel? Streaming is a hard task, but it is clearly something that attracts a lot of people to want to do it. Not only does it provide a possible avenue of a strong income, but it also provides an avenue for enjoyment and entertainment. So I then thought I better ask Naysy; How did you get attracted to streaming and when did it all kick off?

“I got involved with streaming a bit differently from most. From my marketing background, I was researching YouTubers and Streamers to help promote a new game. I discovered Twitch and thought it look liked fun so I gave it a go and instantly fell in love. That was about 3 years ago and I started taking it more seriously about 2 years ago.”

And with that answer being said, you can see that Naysy only started taking it seriously a year after she had actually began broadcasting; which reflects back to my statement above about how streaming is no easy task. But with that being said, Naysy quickly found success after she started taking it seriously, so I then asked; How much has streaming changed your life?

“My life is so different now to what I had ever expected. I’m quite an introverted and quiet person, so to be doing something like Twitch streaming was something I never thought I would do. I love that Twitch streaming gets me out of my shell and challenges me. I’ve grown a lot as a person thanks to streaming and I have met so many amazing people through the community. The community inspire me to do more everyday and try my best to make a positive impact.”

Reflecting back on her answer, we can clearly tell that streaming has impacted her life in a very positive way, but this lead to my next question; What is the hardest thing for you to deal with when you go live over on Twitch?

“I find the hardest thing is overcoming your own mental barriers. I like to give 100% positive energy to my streams and it can feel hard to deliver that if you’re low on energy or had a bad day. I find taking time off where necessary and focusing on the fun of streaming helps overcome those days. Focusing on the fun and knowing your limits is important to creating consistent, quality content.”

Although finding ways to deal with mental barriers and your own personal issues can be achievable, you also face the risk of criticism. Not everyone can take criticism lightly, but to see how Naysy deals with it, I asked; How do you deal with criticism?

“Constructive criticism is always great but negativity or critical comments aren’t too fun to deal with. When it comes to Twitch chat, I have no time for negativity or disparaging comments; which leads me to time them out quick. Most ‘trolls’ aim is to make you feel rubbish, so by engaging or acknowledging their comments only gives them a platform and helps them succeed with their goal. If someone doesn’t like my content, they’re welcome to move on and find a different channel. Criticising other people’s content doesn’t make you or your content any better.”

At this point in my interview with Naysy, I could already tell that she is a great face for Oceania’s broadcasting community; not only is she a positive people, but the way she deals with the streaming life, is definitely something everyone can aspire too. But to round things off with the broadcasting side of things, I moved on to ask; What advice would you give to any up and coming streamers or otherwise those that are trying to make it, but just haven’t?

“I think sticking to a consistent schedule is very important. People need to know easily when you go live. Marketing yourself on social media and finding ways to stand out with your Twitch channel is a great way to get new people to tune in. I see myself as first and foremost as an entertainer and I do whatever I can to make it a fun experience for all my viewers. Having fun and making sure your audience is having fun is a great way to keep them tuning in and want to be a part of your community. Be creative and innovative and don’t be afraid to try new things.”

And to finish the interview off, I thought I’d see if we could get a sneak peek into what’s next for Naysy by asking; What’s on the horizon for Naysy?

“I hope to continue to do more with my Twitch channel to make it more fun and interactive. I also have lots in the works for WomANZ, such as community meet ups and charity events. We even hope to do more in the esports scene, but I just want to make sure we’re doing it right. I’m excited by what WomANZ can achieve in the scene when we’re all collectively working together to help make a difference.”

If you aren’t already a fan of Naysy, you better be now.

Stay up to date with Naysy via her Twitter and most importantly, catch her live via her Twitch channel when she returns from QuakeCon.