The Next Level

If you thought gaming monitors can’t get better than the XL2420T we’ve reviewed not that long ago then you’re wrong – well according to BenQ. The new XL2411T is the latest addition to their already impressive XL Gaming line but is it worth upgrading to?

Important Things:

  • Screen Size: 24″
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) 12M:1
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Response Time: 5ms, 1ms GTG
  • Input: D-Sub / DVI-DL(Dual Link) / HDMI / Headphone Jack
  • Street Price: $429~

It was rather strange out of the box that the XL2411T lacks that ‘oomph’ impact I had when I opened the XL2420T. The gaming ‘aggressive’ look has disappeared with this model as it looks like any other ordinary monitor out on the market. The stand itself has also changed as it looks like they’ve changed back to a stand featured in older BenQ SKUs.

That being said though, the stand is still fully customisable being able to be fully tilt, height and rotation adjustable. The stand doesn’t feel as stable and rigid like the one that came with the XL2420T which is kind of a disappointment as that stand was simply perfect.


You’ll get the same sort of inputs with any other monitor out on the market. The usual D-Sub, Dual Link DVI and HDMI are the standard inputs for the XL2411T. You’ll also get a 3.5mm Audio Jack output for those wanting an audio solution out of the HDMI. The XL2411T does not come with a Display Port input which is surprisingly disappointing for a monitor in this premium bracket.

The biggest selling point of the XL2411T is the incredibly smooth 144Hz panel which is aimed at professional gamers or gamers who want the slickest in performance. The usual profile switching and Black eQualizer makes a comeback allowing gamers to tweak the monitor to their ideal settings while also saving it. If you want the best in performance, the XL2411T doesn’t disappoint in those departments.

There is one problem though with this model which annoyed me to an extent – while mostly considered minor, it’s a shame BenQ has decided not to include the S Switch. The S Switch from the XL2420T is missing from this model which is painfully annoying when it comes to profile switching. Instead of the one touch S Switch capability, the XL2411T makes you cycle through every pre-configured setting before it gets to that point. Hopefully they bring it back as it made customization and profiles easier to manage.


The XL2411T may be missing the flashy substance of red and my favorite S Switch but the incredible panel makes up for the missing extras. The ultra-smooth 144Hz, fast response times and Black eQualizer just makes that quick single headshot in Counter Strike a little more easier (or clearer). If you need the best in gaming monitors, BenQ has you sorted with the XL2411T.

But wait there’s more…

What if you have a 120Hz monitor like the XL2420T? Well after using one for a period of time, I wouldn’t suggest upgrading to the XL2411T. The difference between 120Hz and 144Hz is very hard to extinguish so the XL2411T may not be the upgrade in display you want just yet. However, if you’re stuck with something like a 60Hz monitor then you’ll notice the difference between that and the XL2411T’s 144Hz panel.


  • Incredibly smooth panel/fast response for gaming
  • Customisable Profiles
  • Adjustable Stand


  • No Display Port Input
  • No S Switch

We like to thank BenQ Australia for providing us with this monitor for review. You can purchase this monitor from MWAVE Australia.