When we attended the Xbox One conference at this year’s pre-E3 conference by Microsoft, we were not really expecting to see such a major focus on PC gaming. Microsoft dropped details on a new smaller Xbox One, a new 4K console called Project Scorpio and a bunch of games. Their big push on Windows 10 however got me interested and with their new Play Anywhere campaign, it looks like we are going to see more (basically all) Xbox titles come to PC.

Starting their conference off with the Xbox One S reveal, Microsoft announced the introduction of a new program called Play Anywhere with a direction that showcases more love for the PC platform. Play Anywhere allows players to purchase a game on either the Xbox One or Windows 10 and you own a copy for both of them. Yes, that’s right – you just have to purchase the game once and you can play it across both platforms. You can also carry saves between the platforms and cross-play potential.

Today we saw Forza Horizon 3 being played with players on both the Xbox One and Windows 10. Here’s a demo shown on-stage:

Halo Wars 2 – while the first game only came out on Xbox 360, Microsoft are releasing the first and second game on Windows 10.

The biggest thing to take from this announcement is the fact most of Microsoft’s biggest IPs and upcoming titles will be arriving on Windows 10 PC as well. Games such as Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 will be coming to PC which is great news for gamers wanting to play some of the Xbox’s greatest titles. This also opens up for newer opportunities such as the Halo series finally returning on PC and future IPs down the track.

Windows 10 gaming is still relatively new and with the release of titles such as Quantum Break and Rise of the Tomb Raider, there were things that needed to be fixed. With Microsoft looking more into PC gaming lately and after this announcement at E3, we seriously can’t wait to see how this new direction for Microsoft will go. Just give us the Halo games on PC please.

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