Gaming tends to be a surprising beast. Whether or not it’s a silly bug, a glitch that breaks your game or something that’s even greater (a good game you thought would stink), we look at what video game surprised us the most – in a good way!

Winner – Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

It’s safe to say that Shadow of Mordor was a game that tentatively flew under the radar for a lot of gamers. It was a game that looked like a lot of fun, but that might have been just it. When it released, our views changed very quickly. Not only was Shadow of Mordor a massive surprise, but it was one of the best games of the year by far. An awesome combat system, Assassin’s Creed style gameplay and the Nemesis System all crafted an excellent story thrown into J.R.R Tolkien’s incredible fantasy world. Bravo, Shadow of Mordor.


Second Place – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein has been a title that’s divided opinion. It’s seen a couple of remakes, reboots and sequels come to fruition and most of them have been utterly disappointing. The New Order not only delivered on its promise of being a bad ass rework of the popular franchise, it also delivered a story focused on vengeance and loss. It also had a bit of replayability after all was said and done, and it deserves the acclaim it received. We absolutely loved it.


Third Place – Alien: Isolation

The Alien series has had a rough couple of years on gaming platforms. Colonial Marines promised so much but delivered so little, and it put the writing on the wall for a lot of fans to be anxious about Alien: Isolation’s probability to fail. Not only did the team at The Creative Assembly prove doubters wrong, but it crafted a terrifying tale of survival and has continued to usher out new DLC to keep fans of the series happy to venture back into the game after completing the 20 hour story. Rumor has it that Alien: Isolation 2 is already being discussed, and we can’t wait.


What games surprised you the most this year? Let us know in the comments below!