Black Annex is a corporate sabotage and infiltration title built on QBASIC by Lance E. McDonald from country Victoria here in Australia.

Black Annex involves you controlling a field of agents infiltrating offices plus hacking and taking out enemies. Not only that, the game does involve some management within your own company by managing resources and balancing your investments.

After watching the trailer, it reminded me of Syndicate visually (the old school not rehash crap) and to compliment the atmosphere of corporate espionage, an amazing track from Abducted by Sharks was backing the trailer.

Lance hasn’t given a release date yet for Black Annex but he stated sometime in 2013 for Windows PC. Lance will also be at PAX Australia 2013 where he will have a playable demo of the game at his booth.

On top of that, Black Annex has a Steam Greenlight page happening so check it out. You can follow updates on this game on his blog and site.