Kicking off in 2018, Blizzard has announced the next big push for Heroes of the Storm locally by announcing the HGC ANZ Premier Division, a International Clash against Latin America and more to build the HGC ANZ ecosystem. The HGC ANZ will see an impressive $80,000 AUD total prize pool with $40,000 AUD going towards players and teams in each phase.

The first three teams has been announced: Nomia, Crimson and Outlaws Gaming (roster acquired from NMD Esports). The remaining five teams will be decided via an open qualifier which kicks off from 22nd January 2018. An Open Division league will also be held as the developmental league to all ANZ Heroes esports. Two teams will have the opportunity to be promoted to the Premier Division in Phase 2 for 2018.

Blizzard has also announced the HGC Intercontinental Clash where our best will compete against Latin America in a live event. Phase 1 of the HGC ANZ Premier Division finals will be held in Latin America where two teams from ANZ will battle it out for the ANZ Championship. This event will also see the top two teams from HGC Copa América league battle it out for first place. The newly crowned HGC ANZ champion and the Latin America champion will then battle for a  spot at the 2018 HGC Mid-Season Brawl.

This is a big push for local competitive Heroes of the Storm with international opportunity for ANZ teams. For more details on the HGC announcement, check out the site here.