Announced via the US PlayStation Blog yesterday, film noir stealth adventure Calvino Noir will be coming to PlayStation 4, as well as PC and iOS.

Calvino Noir takes a lot of inspiration from Deus Ex, Bladerunner and “borrows from the war-torn and cruel portrayal of Vienna in The Third Man,” Dan Walters, Director of Calvino Noir, said in the post.

The game is set just after World War 1, as its main cast of characters are still recovering from the cataclysmic events following the war. Wilt, one of the protagonists in the game, deserted the British army and now uses his skills for espionage and blackmail. Siska, another protagonist, was an orphan of the war, and now as an idealistic young adult she uses the skills she learned on the street to fight corruption. Arno, an old friend of Wilt and former chemical weapon designer, end up working together to uncover the corrupt work of officials who are out to make money at the risk of everyone else. Playing as these three characters – plus a few others – you use their unique skills to explore the maps and interact with an atmospheric, recovering world.

Calvino Noir doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but will be making its way to PlayStation 4, PC and iOS. No Xbox One release is currently planned, by the looks of things.