Earlier today Legacy Esports announced that none other than Sin Gaming’s ADC Harry ‘Cardrid’ Archer would replace the recently suspended Calvin ‘K1ng’ Truong in the upcoming OPL grand final and highly anticipated grudge match between Legacy Esports and reigning champions The Chiefs. After Calvin ‘K1ng’ Truong made an “insulting” post on social media early last week Riot began an investigation on K1ngs behaviour in game and found that he had broken at least three rules relating to toxicity including 8.1.3 Disruptive Behaviour/Insults, 8.2.2 Harassment and rule 8.2.13 Non Compliance.  The entire competitive ruling can be read here.

Due to these offences Riot games have suspended Calvin ‘K1ng’ Truong from all Riot-affiliated League of Legends competitions for his next 5 games. This penalty means K1ng will not play in tomorrow’s final against The Chiefs and has left Legacy to substitute him with Cardrid. The issue may be resolved for Legacy if Cardrid is able to play for them, but the legitimacy surrounding his announcement remains questionable.

The rules on roster changes and substitutions state the following:

1.5 Roster Changes Any changes to a Team roster must be communicated to OPL officials. 1.5.1 If a team wishes to release a player from their current roster (either Starter or Sub), the team is required to complete a player release form. 1.5.2 If a team wishes to sign a free agent player to their roster (either Starter or Sub), the team is required to complete a player admission form. No free agent signings shall be recognised.


Harry ‘Cardrid’ Archer to our knowledge is contracted to Sin gaming, meaning he isn’t eligible to simply fill a role for another team. In an official statement Legacy announced that “Harry ‘Cardrid’ Archer has graciously been loaned to us by Sin Gaming.” For more clarification on the substitution, we reached out to Daniel Ringland, Head of Esports and Competive at Riot Oceania who had this to say.

 “It’s covered in the rules, but to give you a quick summary, loan agreements exist which allow OPL teams to temporarily ‘borrow’ players from other teams. In this situation, Legacy was allowed an emergency substitution to replace K1ng and chose to loan Cardrid from Sin. We don’t believe this situation is ideal and will be conducting a full review of the relevant rules between splits”

Many in the local Esports community have voiced their distaste of Riots decision to allow Cardrid to play for Legacy, and it appears they are listening. Regardless of substitution the OPL final is sure to be an incredible series that will display Oceania’s top talent.