Overwatch has been out for over a month now, and the want for organised competition has been made quite vocal. There is GosuGamers who has been one of the big names hosting tournaments for North America and Europe and likewise OGN for Korea, but for those in the Oceanic region, there hasn’t been the same opportunities. That seems to be changing quickly as organisations are now jumping on the opportunity to host tournaments and leagues.

As of right now there are three places to go if you are looking to get involved in playing competitive Overwatch right now: Gamestah, ozfortress, and ESL. Each are coming from different backgrounds, but are all bringing a lot of experience to the scene.

Gamestah is teaming up with ZOWIE to bring the Overwatch League, a competition to be played over the course of at least five weeks. Not only are there prizes for each week of competition, there is a cumulative point system where the top teams at the end of the season will fight for bigger and better prizes.


As an organisation, Gamestah has been extremely supportive of the Rocket League and Heroes of the Storm scenes for Oceania, and their jump into Overwatch has been welcomed with open arms, with almost 30 teams signed up. For more information, head over to Gamestah’s site, or to sign up for their events, head to their Battlefy.

ESL is a global organisation with hands in many games, and they are in charge of official Blizzard qualification events in ANZ for Starcraft II, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. It is no surprise then, that with the popularity of Overwatch so far; ESL would be wanting to host some form of competition for the game.


New competitive mode in Overwatch

As of right now there is just the one tournament for them, a one day tournament to be played this weekend. There is still time to sign up, which can be done over at the ESL site, and it would not be a surprise if they decide to host even more of these down the line.

Last but not least, there is the ozfortress Heroes League. Primarily a Team Fortress 2 site, ozfortress is bringing to Overwatch a wealth of experience organising tournaments and leagues for games of this genre. Pushing the league style format for Overwatch, ozfortress looks to be in it for a long haul, and even if you were unable to sign up for the first season, keep an eye out on them for more events.


There are over 40 teams signed up for the first season, and they will be competing over 6 weeks for an all or nothing prize pool of $600. If you would like more information about ozfortress, the league, or even the teams competing, check out the ozfortress Heroes League site.

The game is still quite young, but it looks as though the competitive scene for Overwatch here in the Oceanic region is looking to start strong. With tournaments and leagues popping up all over, and competitive mode being brought into the game today, everyone is going to be able to have their shots at Overwatch glory.