For the last iterations, Crysis has always been seen as the benchmarking tool of the PC gaming universe. You don’t play Crysis, you test it. The lack of a decent storyline and the hard to relate to protagonist has always been the weakest point of the series despite it’s graphical superiority.

Until now…

From the moment you launch Crysis 3, you’ll notice CryTek has focused on the key areas that needed attention and what a stellar improvement it was. Crysis 3 has a bolder and more meaningful storyline than it’s predecessors, more focused around a base of characters with personality than before. Prophet is no longer the silent, boring protagonist as he’s now a suit full of bad-ass attitude.

Back in Crysis 2, Prophet saved Earth from invasion against an alien race known as the Ceph by sacrificing his body and humanity to the power of the nano-suit and alien technology. A few decades later, Crysis 3 kicks off with an imprisoned Prophet destined to be dissected by the ruthless Cell forces but later rescued by a familiar face with a new mission to save the world once again.

‘New’ New York

The urban setting of New York from Crysis 2 makes a return, but things are not the same. The city has been engulfed by mother nature itself, the once concrete jungle has literally became a jungle itself. The run-down buildings of New York from the last game has been coloured in lush green vegetation. While it may be a disaster zone of the past battles littered with debris everywhere – it sure is one beauty of a sight thanks to the advancement in visuals with CryEngine 3.

There’s nothing more than amazement here as every step you take blows you away. Next generation graphics is not on the horizon, it’s actually here and Crysis 3 backs that statement. The setting, the atmosphere and the attention to detail. Sure it may break your video card in half but nothing beats a Crysis look and with Crysis 3 – the bar has been set even higher.

Weapon of Choice

Crysis 3 has kept the similar aspect of the modular gun system intact. The easy on-the-fly customisation returns as you can tweak your equipped weapon with a variety of attachments to better fit the situation. Need a silencer on that? Well slap it on.

You’ll also get to try your luck in archery with the addition of a compound bow which was heavily marketed as Prophet’s weapon of choice. While piss weak as it may sound, the bow is no laughing matter. The bow packs a punch with it’s one hit kill shots and extra add-ons like the electric or explosive tip make it devastating on the battlefield. It’s overpowered yes, but balanced with the lack of ammo, you’ll strive to carefully target your enemies.

Nothing completes Crysis without the nanosuit which sets the difference between this and other first person titles out there. The suit drives the game which gives the player a plethora of ways to tackle any situation. While giving the player an open menu of superhuman abilities such as running faster, cloaking and harden – Crysis has always remained a challenging game due to the limits you can push these abilities.

You’ll encounter situations where the wrong move can cost your life and Crysis 3 brings back the prior planning situations where you’ll sit and survey the area throwing possibilities to get past the challenges each level throws at you. This is the style of play that is uniquely interesting and encourages players to throw different manoeuvres till they find the right one.

Crysis 3 pushes forward with it’s multiplayer aspect of the series, previously not something worth even a try due to the troublesome lag and issues the matches had. Crysis 2 took a while before it became playable and with the hype dying down quick – it was later forgotten. Has the series got it right now?

The introduction of the Hunter Mode stands out from the rest of the multiplayer. While matches against other players with nanosuit abilities calls for frantic action, it’s this new mode that has everyone interested.

The hunter mode changes up the pace in multiplayer as one player at the start of the round is selected to become the hunter (armed with a bow and nanosuit abilties) while the others start as a human packed with stronger firepower. If you’ve become hunted then you’ll become a hunter till there’s no one left standing.

With the theme surrounding the whole idea of hunting, the new ‘Hunter’ mode really felt right at home with Crysis 3’s mechanics and game style. I found this mode served the best proportion of Crysis 3’s multiplayer. Other modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the point are present but the hunter mode is what got me. The pacing is fun and the game type was refreshing – nothing beats hunting down your fellow friends.

Crysis 3 is where the series completes itself. The weak points were lifted dramatically and showed true potential. The story was there, the atmosphere believable – finally a Crysis that had character. I loved every bit of Crysis 3 from beginning to end even though the play-through wasn’t that long. A remarkable step for a visually stunning series.


Crysis 3 was reviewed on PC using the following specifications: AMD 1100T/8GB DDR3/HD6950 OC/120GB SSD – A retail PC copy was provided by EA Australia.

Developer: Crytek
Publisher: EA Games
Release: 21st February 2013 (PC/Xbox 360/PS3)