The newest org on the block, the ORDER has booked a spot at the upcoming IEM Katowice 2018 defeating a determined Tainted Minds in an intense reverse sweep 3-2.

After dropping to an undefeated Tainted Minds roster 2-0 earlier in the qualifiers, the ORDER was dropped to the championship bracket to face off against Grayhounds. With a trip to IEM Katowice on the line, the ORDER ended Grayhounds’ hopes with a 2-1 finish heading into a rematch against Tainted Minds.

While the best of five started off a little stale for the ORDER losing Inferno 16:2, they returned the favour taking out Tainted Minds on Nuke 1:16. As Tainted Minds won the upper bracket, the team had a one map advantage but the ORDER closed out Train with a victory 15:19. With Tainted Minds losing a grip on the spot, it was do-or-die in the final map on Mirage where the green army needed to step up their game.

Mirage started out with Tainted Minds dominating going 7:1 in their favour. While everything looks pretty clean for Tainted Minds, the ORDER kept their IEM hopes alive slowly winning essential rounds putting a dent into their economy and leveling the playing field. With everyone at the edge of their seats, the map could have gone either way with both teams not letting go of the spot easily however the ORDER kept their composure to seal the deal winning in a close 14:16.

ORDER will represent the oceania region at the upcoming IEM Katowice 2018 located in Poland featuring a $500,000 prize pool. This will be the ORDER’s second showing on the international stage after winning the WESG 2017 APAC Grand Final in