Week One of the Womens Professional Gaming Invite (WPGI) League is at a close and with that we have three concluded matches between the six competing teams in the league. With big name organisations investing in Female esports, viewers are delighted to see much anticipated matches between the best teams in the region.

Game One: Athletico vs. Incept

Battling it out on the forever present de_dust 2 map, team Incept had the challenge of bringing it to Athletico Esports on the terrorist side and merely five rounds into match they were able to get up to a lead of 3-2 Рquite an admirable beginning knowing the sheer calibre of Athletico’s lineup. However this was shortly lived as Athletico swiftly adapted and forced Incept into an endless limbo of round losses; claiming victory 16-4 against Incept.

Game two: Corvidae vs. Ravens

Heading into match two of the day, it was Corvidae against Ravens and with Corvidae being such a recently formed squad many question marks revolved around their heads to see whether they had what it took to bring ravens down. Coming into de_cache Corvidae were put on the back foot early however remaining composed they were able to keep the game contestable in its early stages. Soon after however Ravens were able to find their stride on the terrorist side and concluded the match 16-9 in their favour.

Game Three: Dark Sided vs. Mythix

The final match of the day was upon viewers and this time it was Mythix squaring up against Dark Sided. With the previous two matches coming as an enjoyment to the audience, many were expecting the same here as well. Kicking off on de_overpass – a somewhat unexpected map in the Australian meta – Mythix truly showed they had a few tricks up their sleeve on this map; taking a 3-0 lead. However after understanding this Dark Sided quickly slowed down their approach and showed their method was stronger than that of their opponents; ending the game 16-5 for Dark Sided.

Current Scoreboard


Player of the day: Connie from Ravens – Oddshot replay here.