Viewsonic Dark Sided has announced their entry into competitive Rainbow Six Siege acquiring the ex-Corvidae line-up. Leading the squad will be team captain, Fletcher ‘Fletch’ Hickling – he has this to say about joining the organisation:

“We are extremely excited to play under the ViewSonic Dark Sided name for the upcoming season of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League and hopefully bring them great results within the APAC region and in the international scene.”

Matthew Westphal, the founder and co-owner of Dark Sided has also released a statement regarding the roster acquisition:

“The Rainbow Six esports community has been a determined force that’s seen some explosive, but healthy growth. I couldn’t possibly ignore the production, the story lines, and the driving force from Ubisoft. This team has been amazing to work with already, within the short capacity it’s been thus far – I’m super excited for the future with this team, but also to work with the ever growing scene!”

The team will be competing in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. Here’s Viewsonic Dark Sided line-up:

  • Fletcher ‘Fletch’ Hickling
  • Josh ‘Warden’ Wadham
  • Tanzim ‘Spas’ Akram
  • Jack ‘JackDaddy’ Dawber
  • Erik ‘Niko’ Ahrenfeld
  • Bailey ‘Cutie’ Murdoch
  • James ‘UnY’ Sullivan – Coach