Viewsonic Darksided has announced the signing of ex-JAM Gaming Rocket League roster after the team left their previous organisation. The roster has previously competed in the ThrowdownTV Rocket League seasons and have attended the RLCS Season 3 championship in Los Angeles, USA.

Here’s the Darksided Rocket League roster:

  • Connor ‘Montyconnor’ Montgomery
  • Nathan ‘Shadey’ Logan
  • Jonathan ‘Express’ Slade

Matthew Westphal, CEO of Viewsonic Darksided has mentioned:

Entering Rocket League is an amazing feeling. It’s been a goal for us to do this for almost 1 year now, and now we finally get to see our own Rocket League team play this weekend. I think the support network we have within Dark Sided will properly facilitate their growth. The team has a history of RLCS potential, so I have no doubt they’ll be back again!

“We’re really excited to be given the opportunity to join the Darksided organisation and can’t wait to see what the future holds” – Jonathan ‘Express’ Slade