The Ultimate Fighter

Team Ninja strikes back in the shadows as they tweak and stomp the bugs out of the original game, Dead or Alive 5. This led to releasing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate which fixed a lot of bugs in the game and enhanced more of the online features. Alongside it, they added extra content to make sure the new improved version isn’t just there to correct all the issue.

Adding to the cast of characters already available to the game are iconic characters which fans are familiar with. Coming to the cast are Momiji and Rachel from the Ninja Gaiden series, Hayate’s alter-ego Ein and Leon. Also joining them are Jacky, Akira, Sarah and Pai from the Virtual Fighter series. This brings the list to about 29 playable characters which fans and hardcore players of the series will be excited about.

DOA is well known for its fast paced fighter along with gorgeous characters that displays some grandeur sides to them. Every character has their own outfits you can choose from or even purchase from the online store if you want to give them a more appealing look. True to its formulae, DOA5U doesn’t disappoint with its mixed martial arts that every character in the game is unique to. Each character has their own style of fighting, either they’re a fast combo executor, power-hitter, grappler/counter, or balanced character.

Rachel - DOA5U

Unlike typical fighters where spamming of keys will warrant you wins, DOA stylishly enables you to easily execute combos by just pressing the buttons but depending on the direction and timing of those presses changes how you attack. The fights are always stylish and superb to watch even as you play as the edges of the arena are prone to destruction as you knock your opponent straight into it. The arena changes as you knock your opponents hard enough through walls and over cliffs causing extra damage to the opponent which gives the game another element in tactical fighting.

Screen - 1 DOA5U

DOA stylishly enables you to easily execute combos by just pressing the buttons but depending on the direction and timing of those presses changes how you attack

The arcade and online gameplay is the core feature of DOA where players challenge one another to improve on their skills. Story mode delves a little into the DOA universe and expands a little on the story. The story itself is nothing extraordinary and won’t impress you in any way but saying so, it is still a decent story to play with. With much of the cutscenes only filled with fights before and after with no explanation of what is happening besides B-Rated comical humour of certain characters. At the end of it, it appears to be the same kind of ending back in DOA4 but obviously a twist to make you wonder what really is going on which seems to be the main thing you will be thinking through a majority of the story.

Overall, DOA5U brings to you a complete package of fast paced action with new playable characters to engage with. A tweaked online gameplay ensuring a better experience and an improved tag-team mode which has been a highlight for the series. For those who enjoy a fighter, DOA5U is up your alley if you want a change of pace and want a quick paced fighter especially with friends.

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo Koei
Platform: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

*Review copy provided by publisher