Stomp The Yard

Dead space renowned for its eerie, alone in space, survival horror on a derelict ship has now leapt bounds and has continued onto its third instalment in the series. Starting off on a planet then drifting in space only to find yourself on an isolated ice planet, will the next instalment by Visceral Games be better off staying dead or better brought back from the dead?

Straight off from the start of the game, Dead Space 3 introduces players to a confusing time-line, where 200years prior to the events of Dead Space 3, there was a similar incident involving the markers on a planet called Tau Volantis. A mystery that will lead Isaac Clarke and the last battalion of EarthGov to go unravel, in all hopes to stop the ‘Markers’. The story being extremely linear and obvious from start to finish, you will stop thinking about what is going to happen next with the bombardment of Necromorphs and crazed obsessive believers of Unitology getting in your way.

As usual, a horror game will not be the same when played at night and having a good quality surround sound to listen to all the creepy monstrous screams to the crackling of ice that something might break out of. It was very quick to get into and you’ll find yourself immersed into finding out what will happen next and jump at every corner. The level designs are extremely tight leaving you not much room to manoeuvre and having the Necromorphs appear wherever they feel like it. Every area is a change of pace leaving you not knowing what terror is awaiting you.

Action Horror

The risk that Visceral Games took when moving the traditional Dead Space genre from being a survival horror to more of an action oriented horror didn’t appeal to many fans but after playing through it was highly enjoyable. Like sure, we will miss the survival horror that left many not able to sleep at night or whispering unspeakable things in their waking moments. It is refreshing and enticing while not straying too far from the formula that made Dead Space such a great game.

From the previous title, the multiplayer was taken out due to ‘unpopular’ demand but was replaced by a co-op campaign feature that allowed players to take control of EarthGov Sergeant John Carver (Not John Carter). How the co-op differs from the single player campaign is extremely different, giving extra story content and a terrifying experience of fending off more Necromorphs. Not many games that were originally a single player campaign and then added a co-op feature in it can do it right let alone create a whole different experience that doesn’t break away from the main story. It’s recommended to pair up with a friend to try out the co-op campaign.


Returning from Dead Space 1 and 2, the crafting bench is back to make your weapons the best in dealing with the Necromorphs but this time the new crafting feature has just got a whole lot better. Instead of just making your weapons better with upgrades you can create your own weapon of dismemberment. The limitless amount of weapons to make will make sure players will try out every combination to see what is best to deal with the Necromorphs. To create weapons you salvage for parts that can be found everywhere in-game such as lockers, boxes, corpses….and more corpses and from….corpses.

With a whole new world, Dead Space 3 simply amazes you with its new environment and new enemies with the detailing and doesn’t break due to the immense detailing and graphic to show its gory glory. For a horror game, it is frighteningly sexy to look at and you cannot take your eyes off of it even though you know you shouldn’t be looking (due to fear).

“frighteningly sexy to look at and you cannot take your eyes off of it”

Dead Space 3 is a fulfilling game that fills that dark space you have been wanting. After completion, you will certainly want to return back and play it on a harder difficulty, especially with a co-op buddy and try out different weapon combinations. Die-hard fans will miss the whole survival element and memorable scare moments from the previous titles but will appreciate the action horror it has to offer leaving you wanting to come back for some more instead of locking the game away in the darkest corner of your collection. Dead Space ain’t Dead.

Dead Space 3 was reviewed on Xbox 360 using a retail copy provided by EA Australia.