Activision and Bungie has announced Destiny: The Collection which features the base game and every expansion release including the upcoming Rise of Iron Expansion.

Coming out on September 20th2016, Destiny: The Collection will release alongside Rise of Iron so players who haven’t had a chance to play the game will be fully up to date. If you pre-purchase Destiny: The Collection digitally, you’ll instantly get access to Destiny, The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King while waiting for the release of Rise of Iron.

“Destiny – The Collection is the perfect starting point for gamers who have yet to experience Destiny,” said Byron Beede, Sr. Vice President of Destiny at Activision. “Destiny – The Collection contains some of the most engaging content Bungie has ever created and the soon-to-be released Rise of Iron. It also includes a character boost that will allow new players to instantly join in with friends who are already enjoying Destiny.”

Destiny: The Collection will cost $89.95 AUD.