Splash Damage has kicked off the Rogue en Vogue event for Dirty Bomb which introduces new content plus a brand new merc named Aimee.

The Rogue en Vogue event will run for 5-weeks which allows players to unlock offering Limited Edition Loadout Cards, Trinkets and more. The event will see four Mercs designated as ‘Suspects’ and put into free rotation for all players to access. The most taken merc from each week will be classified as Prime suspects and the popular merc from the rotation will be revealed as the ‘Culprit’.

The event will also introduce a limited-time event currency called Decryption Cycles. Players earn them by playing in matches, completing special Missions and can also buy them with the existing in-game currency, Credits.

You can check out the Rogue en Vogue event page here.

The new merc Aimee is a classified sniper-class equipped with a long-range auto-sniper and the new SNITCH device. The new SNITCH features a neural disruptor that softens up Mercs as it Spots them.

You can check out here roll-call video below: