Dirty Bomb had recently updated their Free Rotation Mercs so if you’re keen to try some fresh new characters (and not spend monies) you can. Today we look at the two mercs: Fletcher and Arty to provide some tips on how to utilise them in your team.



Fletcher is one of the latest Mercs to be added to the actual game and it’s pretty cool from Splash Damage to offer him for free in this rotation for those who haven’t decided whether to pick him up. If you’re a big close combat player and want some extra explosives then Fletcher provides.

Having a shotgun primary and a sub-machine gun as a secondary – Fletcher is able to stand his ground in very tight engagements and is proven a worthy Merc to use for objective attacks/defence. Reloading with the shotgun is quite slow if you encounter multiple targets so switching to his secondary sub-machine gun is the best tactic.

Fletcher special is a set of remote detonated sticky bombs. The sticky bombs don’t really deal a great amount of splash damage but pretty much insta-kills when thrown directly onto an opponent. My tactic with this is to lunge a couple at hotspots and objectives to deal some damage before entering in to clean house.

If you’re a close quarter player that likes to tackle objectives – Fletcher provides a great deal of fire-power for that play style.


arty-dirty bomb

The second Merc available in this Free Rotation is Arty – a medium to long range rifleman equipped with a DMR single shot rifle and laser designator. Probably one of my go-to Merc for this rotation, Arty has insane mid-range cover which is useful for taking down opponents in straights. The laser designator also allows him to drop ordnances on enemies from a distance so he can provide fire-power without getting his hands dirty.

Although powerful, the laser designator that initiates the air-drop can be quite fiddly to use. It has a delay as well so you will need to make sure you’re not under enemy fire as you use it.

The best tactic for Arty is to sit slightly back from the combat situations – his DMR will easily pick opponents off especially when you have the airtstrike readily available. You can also drop ammo packs so it’s another advantage for providing cover fire and support.

Dirty Bomb goes into Open Beta – 3rd June in Australia.