Bethesda has announced a DOOM open beta dropping for all players across Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The company has also revealed a season pass which includes three premium multiplayer DLC packs post-launch.

The first DLC will grant access to:

  • Three new maps
  • One new weapon
  • One new playable demon
  • One new armour set
  • One new piece of equipment
  • New hack modules and taunts
  • New customization colours and patterns

Bethesda has also promised free support and content updates post-launch but if the premium packs include maps, you might have to pick up the season pass to continue with the online component of it.

Each DLC pack will cost $23.95 AUD / $26.95 NZD – the Season Pass which includes all packs will cost $59.95 AUD / $74.95 NZD.