In preparation for the 2015 DotA 2 International Tournament, Valve have today launched the new Compendium, complete with a host of features and rewards. Apart from the rewards, the Compendium is also one of the core ways Valve raises the prize money for the tournament, with last year’s raking in a record breaking amount of almost $11 million.

The more Compendiums purchased the more stretch goals are achieved, with the rewards given to each and every owner. Some of the notable picks include a new Wyvern hatchling courier, announcer packs, treasures and special HUD skins.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.45.30 pm

Full details and reward tiers can be found over on the Compendium page, as well as in the in game store. The 2015 Compendium is available for sale right now, USD$10 for the level 1 version or USD$27 for the level 50 version. You can also buy additional levels for your Compendium through the same store.

The DotA 2 2015 International tournament will take place in Seattle, on August 3-8.