Valve has released details on the new DOTA 2 7.00 patch which goes live tomorrow some time locally in Australia. The new patch introduces a new original hero: Monkey King as well as some drastic changes to the game itself.

Monkey King is a new melee character that was teased back in August. His ultimate ability is called ‘Wukong’s Command’ which allows players to summon a formation of monkey soldiers. Monkey King plays in the support position. More details on Monkey King here.

The new patch also introduces a new HUD for the game. The in-game interface has been rebuilt from the ground up to increase the vision of the map and options for the player. There’s also a new talent tree (similar to Heroes of the Storm) which allows players to select their hero talents at levels 10/15/20/25.

There’s a bunch of other updates to the game as well which is all detailed on their 7.00 patch page. You can check them out here. The patch will go live on December 12th which tomorrow locally for us.