So it’s the very first time PC gaming had a media conference at E3 2015 and it¬†started off in a way no one expected. A montage kicked in at the start showcasing what defines PC gaming. While it did show off some of the old school PC titles we all loved, it did throw in copious amount of hardware almost ‘NSFW’ shots and some troll videos.

The PC Gaming Show which was created by PCGamer themselves went for quite a lengthy run time. It was quite relaxed with each developer/personality coming to stage and presenting their product one by one.

The biggest problem I had about the PC Gaming Show was the fact it was…well too much. There was some great announcement but alot of others that really didn’t need to be on stage. It felt long-winded and quickly lost the attention of many viewers (even mine and I’m a big PC gamer). It’s their first attempt and I give them kudos for that but the next one should be more targeted and shorter than what was shown today.

Check the important news from the show:

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 developers, Tripwire Interactive revealed some new content for their gore-fest zombie shooter. Read more.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Tripwire Interactive wasn’t done after their update details on Killing Floor 2. They announced a new title called Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Check out the reveal trailer.

Xbox title, Killer Instinct Coming to PCKillerInstinct

Microsoft Xbox had a good presence during the PC Gaming Show dropping some cool news. The first one, fighting title Killer Instinct – is coming to PC Windows 10. Read more here.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Yes, you heard that right. Gears of War Ultimate Edition will be coming to PC Windows 10. Read more here.

Planet CoasterPlanet-Coaster_1Rollercoasters? Theme Park Building? Check out Planet Coaster from developers Frontier Developments. Read More.

StarCraft 2 –¬†Free Prologue Campaign

Whispers of Oblivion will be a free prologue campaign to the Legacy of the Void expansion coming out for StarCraft 2…later. Check out the new trailer.


Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard announced a Diablo themed event for Heroes of the Storm called Eternal Conflict. Check it out here.