Another year, another chat show opening with online trivia like a grown up episode of Dora the Explorer as hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb host Bethesda’s 2016 showcase. With crowds gathering for hours outside, one in a gory Evil Within cosplay, and an even more hyped audience online, Bethesda is back to start E3 off on a high note. Here’s what went on.

QUAKE Champions

Going from Doom last year straight into Quake, Bethesda looks to be working through their old classics and bringing them into the new generation. Quake Champions seems like a re-imagining of Quake 3 Arena into a modern first person shooter – classic arena combat – with character driven specialities. A class system will enable unique abilities to alter gameplay and these characters will incorporate the feel and style brought only by Quake.

Competitions and leagues supported by Bethesda with Quake Champions were announced to be launched sometime down the line. More info to come at Quakecon.

Elder Scrolls: Legends

Still trying to compete with Hearthstone and the upcoming PC edition of Gwent. Legends attempts to create a strategy card game with the aesthetic of the Elder Scrolls. Including both a single and multiplayer option an entire campaign has been made for the single player and tutorial. Based around the legend told from a moth priest and a story of a forgotten history those who are true Elder Scroll fans should be interested in Legends even just for the lore.

The Beta is opening soon on PC, with sign ups open at It’ll also be dropping on Mac systems later this year.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is still alive and kicking months after launch, especially with the recent release of the Far Harbour DLC last month.  Todd Howard graced us once again this year with some exciting news. There is always more to come with Fallout 4. Three more DLC packs were announced to be coming to the already jam packed game this year. Track kits, armour packs, weapon mods and even conveyor belts are just some additions to the game with the all new Contraptions pack that launches next week.

Following this will be a major change to the Fallout world as players will be able to build your own vault. This appears to have full customisation and even the ability to experiment on dwellers – just like the original Vault Tec. With the success of Fallout shelter it seems the features have been brought to fallout 4 now.

Finally in the Fallout world a new area and DLC pack was teased, with a theme park based on Nuka Cola. In Nuka-World we can only expect more wacky and dark experiences that come from the world of Fallout. A new family fun theme park that’s practically explosive.

Fallout Shelter

The app has been an enormous success, with over 50 million downloads, Fallout Shelter is still being worked and updated. An all new quest system is being integrated as well as an overhaul on basic aspects. New locations and enemies have been added, along with the addition of VATS into the combat system. With new characters and unique weapons being added into the mix the year old app is still new and exciting.

The most exciting aspect still from Fallout Shelter was the announcement that it is finally coming to PC, with a release date to be announced later.

Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim will be completely remastered as the Skyrim Special Edition, releasing on October 28th for current gen consoles and PC. A complete overhaul of the visual and engine will be upgraded to bring the look and feel of the game of the year 2012 into 2016. It also brings mods to the console versions of the game, and will hopefully fix the issues that modding has had in the past, with freezing and game crashes. Bethesda have confirmed that this new edition will be available as a free upgrade to anyone with the game and all DLCs or the Legendary Edition on Steam only come release day.


Prey is being brought back with Arkane Software producing this reboot of the 2006 dark thriller. In the Year 2032 players are a test subject to help alter the future of humanity, but things go wrong as an alien threat enters the space station. Similarly to Alien Isolation you must survive and uncover hidden secrets about why you are here. With a dark past and a darker space station things begin to get weird. Keep your sanity and your head in this new remake of Prey.


ID Software believes in “the power of creation” through the fans. Doom snapmap has updates coming up these next few months. New props, objects, weapons and items. Single player experiences. Free for every player. Two new modes for multiplayer will be added as of next month. Classic modes like free to play and deathmatch will be implemented to recapture the feel of the original Doom multiplayer back in the 1990s.

Unto The Evil DLC, coming soon, will include three new maps, another new demon to unleash as well as new guns, armour and most importantly taunts. The first level of Doom is also now available as a free demo for consoles and PC for the next week, hoping to give players an easy way to try out the game.

Elder Scrolls Online

Based on feedback Zenimax Online is working hard to support their MMO and it’s clearly working, 7 million players and growing, they have to be doing something right. Named MMO of the year in 2015 Elder Scrolls Online is growing fast, with all new content helping to bolster these numbers.

This year all new DLC has been announced for the MMO that adds the Dark Brotherhood. A contract calls for murder, and the stealth systems are gaining an upgrade in Tamriel. This pack is out now for PC players, and arriving on June 14th for console players.

‘One Tamriel’ was also announced, an initiative that allows players to scale to the level of the world, effectively removing level caps across the continent and making coop play simple, no matter what level your squad members are. More info is coming, but you can check out the specifics right here.

Dishonoured 2

Two supernatural assassins in a steampunk city. Last year it was announced, this year we get to see the game.

The new city of Karnaca is a culturally rich city on the brink of a revolution. Every aspect of the city has been fleshed out, the economy and even the food and songs to be heard in the background. An all new custom game engine has been created to bring the city to life – looking like a painting in motion. Lighting has been a main focus in design and the game looks beautiful. The all new Void engine brings out the game and world building that Dishonoured is known for, being designed to specifically create atmospheric spaces in the world.

The game starts and ends in Dunwall 15 years after the first game. Now Emily is 25 years old, fighting against the forces of deceit.  An otherworldly usurper takes the throne, and you’ll get to choose to play the story as either Corvo or Emily. Both are full and separate narratives that play out differently, with numerous ways to tackle combat and stealth scenarios. We got a first proper look at the gameplay during the conference, with the full game launching on November 11th.

A pretty impressive Collector’s Edition was announced for the game too, with Australian retailers still to be announced.dishonored_2_collectors

Bethesda VR

Not to be left behind Bethesda is jumping onto the VR hype train and is attempting to bring triple A games to Virtual Reality, which is every gamer’s wet dream. Doom will be the first to be completely integrate VR, followed by Fallout 4. Fallout 4 will be released next year on the HTC VR. The idea of a role playing game like Fallout 4 or the fast paced hell that is Doom in Virtual Reality is crazy and amazing. Both demos are live to play at E3.


Bethesda came out strong again this year, showing the world that they do indeed deserve to be presenting at E3. Showcasing big name titles like Dishonoured 2, Prey and Quake Champions got the show rolling with no real lows. Overall this was a stronger opening to E3 than EA offered as Bethesda left no stone unturned, even hinting at a Wolfenstein new title in their DOS styled opening.