Another year, another E3 to hold you out until the November releases. Over the next two weeks there will be no hiding from the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo with three days of exciting news for all gamers. This year should be no different with rumours that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may be announcing new hardware in the wake of a major new console race.

In the wake of this earth shattering news let’s take a closer look at what this might mean:

News on the Nintendo NX

It’s well established that there will no Nintendo Direct this E3 but that doesn’t mean nothing will be heard from the Japanese powerhouse. With Nintendo’s Treehouse still running throughout E3 at Nintendo’s booth on floor the likelihood that they tease some news is high. Both Pokemon Sun/Moon and the new Zelda title have been confirmed to be discussed on stream live there is a good chance that some news will be shared.

Perhaps the reason for the delay will be revealed, could the NX really be getting VR?

The PlayStation Neo 4.5 (K?)

We are now two years into the current console generation between Sony and Microsoft and it seems we’ve reached the halfway mark with both competitors looking to upgrade their machines to keep up.

The rumour mill seems to be convinced that a new PS4 will be revealed. This time will be no different to all new console iterations with an alleged more RAM, a faster processor and possible even a faster GPU. Fans are even hoping for an output of 4K.


Xbox One Point Two

Back in March top dog at Microsoft Xbox Division Chief Phil Spencer announced that the Xbox One will be upgradable. How the company will do this to a console already two years old and falling behind the powerhouse PC is explainable only to those who have an engineering degree, but the promise still stands. Spencer discussed an intention to divert the flow of game development towards making all titles universally compatible with any hardware in the Windows 10 ecosystem, including the Xbox One.

Microsoft believe that there will be “more hardware innovation in the console space than we’ve ever seen”.  Hopefully we will get to see just how this will work soon enough.

Xbox One

VR Porn?

Naughty America will have a booth on the conference floor to showcase VR Porn.

This year it will be a surprise to no one, following the success that a public release of VR units have had on the market, the new reality of gaming will be a huge selling point at E3. These adult VR demos will be showcasing the latest in technological advancements for a purely adult audience. Naughty America is at the forefront being the first major adult studio to produce VR content.

According to SimilarWeb the traffic to VR porn sites has grown over 200 percent in the last year. Not surprisingly Naughty America has its own VR headset, similar to the Google cardboard headset, selling at only $20.

It seems VR porn is making a case to be a part of the E3 scene. Makes sense for publishers to use the event to showcase themselves, even if they are not technically a game but a different form of adult entertainment.

It seems fans are hungry again for new, even with the current gen having a stable run the fans want more – more power and more options.