With E3 2014 less than four weeks away, I thought now would be an adequate time to list some of the things that I really want to see at the ‘show of all shows’ this year. E3 has always been the place to announce the biggest and best new games coming out and this year will be no different, with news that Sony have already filed trademarks for three new IPs (what they are I have no idea) and Microsoft registering a couple of new domain names – it’s clear that we’re going to be in for some new unveils, announcements and gameplay that’ll drive the inner-gamer inside of us crazy with excitement. I’m sure we’re going to be in for some surprises and a lot of what I will list below probably won’t happen, but even if it is wishful thinking I’m sure this year’s E3 will not disappoint. Here’s my E3 2014 wish list.

New Vita IP

We’ve seen a bunch of ports and indies come out for Vita over the last year or so since E3, and even a couple of amazing JRPG localisation’s, but what the Vita needs is a fresh new IP that’ll drive gamers towards it with intrigue. Freedom Wars is coming out soon, but while that looks amazing it doesn’t seem to have the appeal that something a Western AAA studio could do. Imagine an original IP by Sony Bend (they developed Uncharted: Golden Abyss) or a studio of that nature. It’d be one heck of a way to surprise us at E3 and get the ball rolling for what will no doubt be a good year for the Vita either way.


New Vita Ports

I know I mentioned it above, but more ports of great games would also benefit the Vita substantially. The Sly Trilogy introduced me to the excellent series by Sucker Punch, and there’s no reason as to why the God of War Collection won’t have me enjoying the vengeful Kratos and his might. Porting games over to Vita might just be the big thing for the system, and with Sony making a group solely dedicated to finding out what we want as consumers on the system, I’m adamant we’ll be hearing some big news about games hitting the platform. Last year we heard about Borderlands 2 hitting Vita and it’s finally coming this month, so there’s no question that there could be something else big on the horizon for the fledgling (yet amazing) portable system.

Uncharted Gameplay Trailer/Update as to What the Heck Is Going on

Things at Naughty Dog haven’t been so beautiful at the moment, with four major departures happening over the last couple of months at the studio. This has led many to start worrying about the state of the new Uncharted game for PS4. Someone needs to come out and address what the heck is going on with the game, whether it be with a brand new cut-scene trailer like the original announcement trailer or a gameplay trailer and a date (or year) of release so we can understand how long we’ll be waiting Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated title to hit. This has been one of the biggest talking points in gaming this year, and a swift move by Sony would be to do something about it soon. We need clarification as to what’s going on, and E3 would be the time to do it.


The Last Guardian Information/Trailer

Another big title that we’ve heard nothing about in a long time is The Last Guardian. Shu has said that it’s still going, and we’re all certain that it’s somewhere in development. Obviously the change in console generation has put the development on a slight slant but E3 wouldn’t be a bad time to at least let us know it’s on the way. Whether it be 2015, 2016 or 2017 – I’d at least be happy to know Team Ico’s next game is on its way to PS4.

New Crash Bandicoot/Spyro Game Announcement

Wouldn’t something like this blow your mind? I know, I know, it’s a long shot. But bringing back one of the classics of the PS1 era for the PS4 would be a master class of a decision. The rumours have been swirling around for quite some time about Sony potentially buying back the Crash Bandicoot IP from Activision, and I think that it’d be an amazing move if it were true. We haven’t seen much of the Bandicoot and co so hopefully we might soon enough. Spyro, on the other hand, has been with the Skylanders crew for a while and while that franchise is all well and good – I want a Spyro game. An ACTUAL Spyro game. I noticed that in the last trailer for the new Skylanders game Spyro wasn’t in it and as someone mentioned in the comments (because the internet knows all) Spyro has been in every trailer bar that one. Could this mean the purple dragon is on its way back to Sony? Only time will tell.


Halo 2 Anniversary Announcement

Right now, the Xbox One has around three or four exclusives and possibly only a couple that gamers are still playing. Yes, Titanfall by the looks of things was a massive success, but as Ryan McCaffrey said on last week’s Podcast Beyond, Xbox gamers don’t really have that much to look forward to in the coming months exclusive-wise. An announcement of Halo 2 Anniversary hitting Xbox One in Q3/Q4 of this year would encourage more sales of the system itself as well as put the competition between Microsoft and Sony right back on the map. A proper Halo game is needed on the system right now, and what better way to do it than announce that my personal favourite iteration in the series is coming at the back end of the year.

Quantum Break Information/Trailer

Remedy are one of my favourite studios in the industry. I absolutely love their games, and Alan Wake is one of my favourite games of all time. I remember watching in eagerness last year when they came out on stage at Microsoft’s press conference and instead of announcing the return of Alan Wake, they announced Quantum Break (it even rhymes). The game looks insanely ambitious, trying to mix both a TV Show and Game together and mould the events of each into one big awesome experience. We’ve seen this attempted before with Defiance and it fell flat on its face – so here’s hoping this doesn’t happen with Quantum Break. I’m eager to see more on the title and am a little worried we haven’t seen much of it at all over the past year as it was slated for a 2014 release. If it is to come this year, I hope to see at least some gameplay footage. This is definitely one game on top of my list to watch out for though, so here’s hoping Remedy are readying something special for Microsoft’s conference.

Sunset Overdrive On-Stage Demo/Confirmed Release Date

Sunset Overdrive is another game I’m extremely excited for – not only because it seems like an ambitious project; but because it’s being developed by one of my beloved studios – Insomniac Games. It looks pretty awesome and incredibly quirky. An all-online world where things change around you frequently… honestly it sounds brilliant. With the recent bunch of previews coming out on the game mostly giving it a lot of praise, things are looking bright for Insomniac’s first Microsoft exclusive game. An on-stage demo of the game at E3 would be an excellent way to get more gamers excited about the game and a solid release date would also be a wise move. This is going to be a huge title for Microsoft this year, so I hope it’s shown some love at their conference.


Fallout 4 Announcement

A lot of gamers would love to see this happen. Who’s conference? Who knows. We know it’s coming, but the lingering question is how is it going to be presented and where. Obviously if it was announced at either Sony or Microsoft you’d expect one of the companies would reap certain benefits in the game, whether that be different DLC or unique in-game items. It’s clear that Bethesda is in a little bit of a situation when it comes to unveiling their next giant project. Even so, I’m very keen to see something on the new Fallout – whether it be a 30 second teaser or a 1 and a half minute trailer. I hope it comes this year; we’ve been waiting for far too long.

The Division Gameplay (On-stage Demo)

A lot of us had our minds blown when Ubisoft showed off their next big project, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and rightly so. The game looks incredible to put it lightly. However, as the months have passed we’ve had little trickles of information here-and-there but haven’t had concrete information come in terms of a release date. I really hope Ubisoft address the game this year at their conference and give us an ETA as to when to expect it to hit. Whether it’s the end of this year or deep into next year – some info would be widely appreciated. I can’t wait for the game, and I do believe an on-stage gameplay demo would be a great way to re-introduce gamers into the world of The Division and drive hype back up for the title, especially if it’s coming at the end of this year.

So there’s my E3 2014 wish list. I’d honestly be happy to see half of the things I listed above come through. What’s clear though, is that we’re going to be seeing some great announcements, great gameplay and great unveils at this year’s E3. People said that last year’s E3 was huge because the next(or current)-gen consoles could show their brunt and get gamers excited for what was to come, but this is the year where we finally see what they’re capable of after a couple of years in the hands of developers across the world. I’m excited, and you should be to. Bring it on.