EA Sports has released a new video showing how they’re bringing the next generation of videogame athletes to life.

We’ve come a long way from when a FIFA title was little more than a bunch of pixelated team colours on a green field, and EA Sports are working hard to make sure future sports titles are more realistic than ever. This begins with the athletes on the screen. Every fan can recognise the face and signature movements of their favourite athlete, but can that same face and moveset be recreated in a virtual environment well enough to be recognisable? EA Sports tackles just that challenge with the development of EA Sports UFC, and they’re giving everyone an inside look at how the latest technology is used to make the fighters more authentic than ever.

“In the world of EA SPORTS UFC, Anthony Pettis has his swagger, Georges St-Pierre respects the opposition and Jon Jones really gets to be Jon Jones”

EA Sports UFC is set to release later in 2014.