It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, birds are chirping and Australians are in the middle of quite a cold winter. Thankfully we can dream of warmer weather as we browse through the Steam Summer Picnic Sale offerings, with plenty of great deals hidden throughout the store.

With so many deals to look through, we thought we’d do a wrap up of some of our top picks. Here’s what has the team throwing their wallets at the screen this sale.


The Witcher Trilogy (57% off – $34.17 USD) – CD Projekt Red’s incredible Witcher trilogy is my top pick for the Steam Summer Sale. Buying the trilogy instead of just The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is recommended, too. The Witcher 2, if anything, is a brilliant place to start your adventures if you’re new to the series.the-witcher-3-wild-hunt
Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition (50% off – $29.99 USD) – Techland’s Dying Light is arguably the best zombie game money can get you right now. It’s a massive step up from Dead Island, and contains some of the most exhilarating and free flowing parkour seen in gaming. The Following expansion is also fantastic, introducing vehicles and a deeply intriguing storyline to boot.


Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection (77% off – $9.74 USD) – Still one of the best RTS title to date, Company of Heroes 2 allowed you to experience the harsh Eastern front of World War 2 by putting you in command of Soviet forces against the Germans. It also spawned various expansion packs, and right now you can get the original game and all the expansions for under $10 USD.27879CompanyofHeroes2_MP_Online_GermanDefensesDoorkickers (85% off – $2.99 USD) – Run through different missions as you call the shots on how your SWAT team approaches individual scenarios that gets harder as you progress. With user-created maps thanks to Steam Workshop, there’s definitely lots of replayability for the price. Oh, and there’s even a sequel on the way!


Oxenfree (50% off – $9.99 USD) – I’ve only played the first hour of Oxenfree and it’s got its hooks in me. Dropping to half the price makes this supernatural thriller from developers Night School an easy pick up, delivering a really eerie setting and engaging exploration. It’s a gem that’s easy to miss, and this is the perfect time to discover it!oxenfree-review-hero.0.0Metro Redux Bundle (75% off – $7.49 USD) – Metro Redux is one of the finest first person shooter bundles on the market, offering the revisited original title and Last Light for such a low price. Survival horror aspects, great atmosphere and an engaging story are all shown off here, well worth playing if you’ve never experienced 4A Games’ saga before.

Sadly once again there’s no flash sales this time round, so prices will stay set till July 4th – make sure to do all your shopping before then!