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Everybody wants to share their gaming achievements with the world. With platforms like YouTube and Twitch, it makes it easier to show your friends that you’ve finally defeated that certain boss in Bloodbourne. The current generation of consoles have the ability to the directly stream and share without an external device, but the main issue of quality and the ability to create personalised video content still lingers. This is where the Elgato HD60 comes in, the ultimate creator’s companion.

When it comes down to production and quality, users can’t rely on the resolution and quality the consoles capture at. While decent at doing minor clips, if you’re really into making your content in the best quality then you must look into a device like the Elgato HD60. The Elgato HD60 is the latest product in their game capture device range and offers 1080p capture at a stunning 60 frames per second (fps) quality which is awesome considering YouTube supports 60fps. Now you can really present the videos in a production quality unlike before.


The Elgato HD60 is a relatively small unit that fits into the palm of your hand. The product is virtually portable since it doesn’t require an AC power source as it runs off the USB 2.0 port. You can pretty much pop it into a bag with a laptop and take it with you to LAN event or friends house to capture footage without any hassles.

Setting up the Elgato HD60 is pretty simple. All you need to do is run a HDMI cable from the console into the input and run another HDMI cable out from the unit into the TV. The HDMI pass-through works without any flaws and there’s no visible lag or delay on the TV. You’ll then need to run a cable from the unit to the computer’s USB port where you’ll be doing all the capture (or streaming). The device comes with an included USB and HDMI cable so you’re pretty much ready to go out of the box.


After you download the software from the Elgato site, you’ll need to run through some setup options in the software such as the type of console to sharing and capture options. Also be sure to turn off HDCP in the console’s menu for the device to pick up the video. The software is quite easy to use with a UI that’s clean and straightforward. I had no issues finding the options without reading the manual.

One you’ve got the unit and software setup – it’s a matter of pressing the record or stream button and the unit starts to kick in. The first problem however I’ve noticed with the software is the lag when I click record. I was kinda sceptical about whether it was my computer making the software lag but it’s running an i5 with a GTX 760 which is considered medium-high spec, so I doubt it’s on my end. I also did install the software on a laptop running an i7 – same issue but doesn’t happen all the time. The lag doesn’t render the software useless, it’s just slightly delayed sometimes (while in record mode) which I can get over.


Elgato has really understood what content creators are after since the software comes with virtually all the options and settings you need. You can even create a scene where you literally drag logos/images and even setup a face cam directly to the capture screen. The software allows you to save multiple scenes as profiles so you can switch between them for streams or for capturing.

It also has a simple editing page where you can quickly cut up footage and share directly to different platforms like YouTube and Facebook. A hard copy of the file will always be automatically rendered and processed onto your computers which you can use for your own editing software. The editing part is mostly used for quick share snippets similar to what the consoles do in-built. It’s not anything like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere so you will still need those software for full editing.

Overall the Elgato HD60 is pretty much the perfect companion for content creators out there. Whether you’re a streamer or video editor/YouTuber – this device is a must have. The small compact footprint of the device is great for portability and space plus it’s quick to setup. The software is great but laggy yet this can always be improved down the track with updates. Coming at $259 AUD, the product is a worthy investment especially with software and features targeted at the gaming market.

Price: $239 AUD Market Avg. | Available NowA review unit was provided by the vendor.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Review
Easy to Install - Hassle Free1080P - 60FPS RecordingLots of Features and Tools
Software gets laggy during recording