Telltale Games today confirmed that the fourth episode of its Game of Thrones series will be arriving next week. The news comes via Telltale’s official Facebook page, where the developer announced specific dates on when each platform and region can expect to download the episode as well as releasing a trailer for those craving a taste of what the new episode has to offer.

Episode Four of Game of Thrones – titled Sons of Winter – will be arriving at different times for different platforms. Here’re the details.

Tuesday, May 26th – PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 & 4 (NA)
Wednesday, May 27th – Xbox One & 360 (Global)
Thursday, May 28th – iOS and Android (Global)
Friday, May 29th – PlayStation 3 & 4 (EU)

It’s disappointing to see the EU side of PlayStation being the last to grab the episode, as spoilers come quick and fast after Telltale episodes. It’s not the first time it’s happened either, as last year episodes from both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead were delayed by a week compared to other regions and platforms. Hopefully this won’t be an ongoing issue for any more episodes in the season.

It looks like Telltale’s other in-season series, Tales From The Borderlands, will see its third episode release shortly as well. Ashley Johnson – known for her role as Ellie in The Last of Us – confirmed on Twitter today that she has a role in the upcoming episode. Hopefully we’ll hear more details about a release date shortly.