Riot Games Oceania has revealed that League of Legends Oceanic Pro League – Abyss Esports has secured a major investment. A leading Sydney agency, ESE (Executive Sports and Entertainment) owned by Rohan Sawyer, Leon Spellson and Ryan Wilson has secured ownership of the OPL team.

Rohan Sawyer, Executive Director of ESE esports said:

“Esports attributes are very similar to traditional sports, fans and tribalism with commercial opportunities in sponsorship, membership and broadcast. Esports has already exploded globally and we see League of Legends and the OPL doing the same here.

“Last month we saw a first for Australian mainstream sport, with the Adelaide Crows acquiring the professional OPL team Legacy. We believe esports will be a top tier sport in Australia and with transactions like this and what we are seeing overseas it may come sooner than we anticipate.”

Daniel Ringland, Head of esports at Riot Games Oceania, said:

“It is great to have another strong group invest in an OPL esports team. With the executive team of ESE esports having strong backgrounds in professional sport, sponsorships and finance, Abyss have found an organisation that will give them a platform to develop and cultivate their talent in Split 2 and beyond. The future of the OPL has never looked brighter for teams, fans and sponsors with competition definitely going to heat up.”

Abyss Esports is the fourth team in the OPL to secure a major investment. Recently, Legacy eSports was picked up by AFL club – Adelaide Crows.