Ubisoft’s second iteration in the Rocksmith series might be launching on current generation consoles, if a new ESRB rating is to be believed.


The ESRB rating information page, which has since been removed, was screengrabbed before it was pulled and points right at the series releasing on the current generation consoles. The new consoles are mentioned twice in the new filing and it’s worth noting that they aren’t mentioned at all in the original Rocksmith 2014 ESRB rating page.

Likewise, Amazon Italy also listed the current generation versions of the game on their page which has pulled as well, but not before Twitter user lifelower screengrabbed the page.

According to the listing, the current generation version will support all of the DLC that had been released for the last generation versions of the game.

Are you a fan of Rocksmith at all? I certainly would welcome the series on my PlayStation 4. I’ve been needing an excuse to grab a bass anyway.

Source: IGN