The final stretch has begun for Playstation 4 exclusive Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture as a new trailer and song are revealed today in a Sony blog post. The trailer focuses on more of the story and tone of the piece, lifting the veil on a little on the mysteries surrounding the game’s world.

This new content comes alongside promises from the developers that they’re in the final stages of development, currently “chewing through bugs and carving out time for as much polish and finesse as we can”.¬†Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture seems like it’ll be a really unique take on the apocalypse, with a full release date coming¬†‘soon’.

You can read more from the Chinese Room’s creative director, Dan Pinchbeck, as well as a whole lot of new screenshots, over on the Playstation blog. The developers have also released a track from the game’s soundtrack, giving us a taste of the sound what we can expect come launch.