Exile5 has announced their new League of Legends OPL roster for 2017 led by Bradley ‘Tgun’ Seymour. The roster is primarily made up of new members with Siuman being the only member of the former Exile5 OCS squad. Tgun is known StarCraft 2 player that’s moved into League of Legends and has played for Hellions Esports and Abyss Esports.

Bradley ‘Tgun’ Seymour – Exile5 Captain:

I am humbled by the opportunity given to me, and can’t wait to see what is in store for us. It’s awesome to be a part of Exile5 for the 2017 OPL split and I look forward to proving all the naysayers wrong.

Here’s the Exile5 OPL 2017 line-up:

  • Bradley ‘Tgun’ Seymour
  • Daniel ‘FivetoEight’ Hicks
  • Lo Pak ‘Siuman’ Man
  • Eldin ‘Guts’ Skenderovic
  • William ‘crayzee’ Dobie

Check out the full announcement here.