Expression of Interest: Stream Team

As you may know, Respawn Ninja is moving to a new esports and Twitch gaming platform into Q1 2017 and we’re on the look out for potential candidates to join our new Stream Team. We’re currently accepting applications to fill some roles in our upcoming team and opening an expression of interest to the public.

The Role:

  • Join a schedule with other members allocating you a stream slot a week
  • Access to our support program and promotions: PR, sponsorship help, advertising, MWAVE discounts etc.
  • Get PAID to stream and you’ll be featured in our upcoming streamer landing page

What You Need:

  • ABN
  • Good Internet for Streaming
  • A current and active Twitch channel
  • Social Media Presence

We’re not necessarily looking for big name streamers, our team will be about individuals dedicated to push their name out there plus get paid doing so. To apply, please send us your Twitch channel link with past broadcasts, social media accounts and a small paragraph on why you want to join our team.

Email here: