War Has Changed

*Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers*

Falling Skies is into it’s fourth season and the opener definitely didn’t hold anything back starting off with a battle which sets the foundation for the storyline. The Mason family hasn’t had the best run since the invasion so it’s no surprise to see the family split again trying to find the path back to one another.

The season starts four months down the track which takes the series into a new and interesting direction. War has changed and viewers will see a dramatic shift in the story. The Espheni, an alien race that was hell-bent on destroying the humans have somehow changed strategy. They want the humans alive now but why? ‘Dad’ Tom Mason is now trapped in a Espheni ‘ghetto’ camp alongside Hal, Tom, Pope and Dan questioning the Espheni’s new motive. As per usual, Tom Mason must find a way to escape the camp with little odds and somehow rally the survivors under one unification. Nothing has really changed for Tom, always the fighter but in this episode we see a much more mature Hal following a similar attitude to his father’s.

Falling Skies

Scarlett Byrne plays the mysterious Lexi

Outside in the wilderness, we see Anne leading the band of remaining soldiers from the 2nd Mass. Time can change people and the once innocent Anne we knew before has turned into a strong more competent character showing no signs of weakness even to her fellow comrades. She will do anything at all cost to find her daughter Lexi.

After the battle, we find Ben in a very strange place. Missing in action for four months due to a coma, Ben awakens in ‘Chinatown’ to find the humans living in peace under a unity of Espehi and Skitters. The movement is led by his mysterious younger sister Lexi (played by Scarlett Byrne) , which now seems to be the same age as him (dun dun dunn). Ben refuses to believe the situation but it seems Maggie, our hardcore heroine has fallen victim to the movement laying down her weapons for peace. Is Lexi bad or good? We’re not too sure but she’s blonde now so that makes her mysterious.

Falling Skies-S4-ep1RN

Tom fights to protect younger Lexi

We can’t forget about Matt Mason, our young hero whose under Espheni control in some brainwashing detention camp. Like father like son, Matt pretends to follow the rules but secretly has formed a resistance (like his dad) to overthrow the camp.

Lots of questions were raised in this season opener which really pushes the series forward. I was worried after Season 3 that the series was starting to get stale but thankfully they had David Eick (Battlestar Gallatica) pumping life and movement into the fourth season. Season Four has started with a bang and in my opinion, it was probably the best episode from the series so far and it looks like it will carry the audience’s attention all the way through.

Bits and Pieces

  • Holds nothing back starting off with a bang
  • CGI seems to be better in this episode
  • You can’t trust Lexi, she’s just so mysterious.
  • Give me the next episode

Verdict – Must Watch