Get your FaZe Clan hand gang signs ready as the IEM Sydney 2017 runner up has been announced as the 2nd team to attend IEM Sydney 2018 this year.

Earlier today, ESL Australia announced the Brazilian power house returning so it was expected that FaZe Clan will feature in the line-up. The team is currently ranked number one in the ESL World Ranking and has made several changes to their line-up since the last IEM Sydney. KioShiMa and Allu were both swapped out for ex-Navi GuardiaN and ex-Fnatic olofmeister since their last appearance. We can’t wait to see this star line-up at IEM Sydney 2018.

IEM Sydney 2018 will return to the Qudos Bank Arena on May 4-6 2018. Tickets are available here.