Update: The A-League has confirmed the list of players below is inaccurate and is missing competitors who have been contacted about the draft. We will update this post when the FFA send the revised list of players participating in the e-League draft.

Football Federation Australia (FFA) have announced their plans regarding the upcoming e-League and draft process, with players to be drafted by clubs on Thursday the 1st of February at 6:30pm AEDT via a live broadcast on Hyundai A-League’s Facebook page.

With more than 670 players registering their interest since the competition was announced, the top 50 players for the first ever e-League draft have been announced and listed. The selection was based on their performance in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode.

Each club will have two competitors, one playing on the Xbox One and the other on the PlayStation 4. Teams have been able to contact a player directly already (as their first pick), with their second pick to be drafted on the 1st of February.

Interestingly, the draft process will use a system that correlates to the A-League team’s position after Round 12 of the current league season, meaning Sydney FC will get the first draft pick of the night as they were sitting in first place at that time.

After Sydney FC’s pick, the teams below will pick a player in order, until both competitors have been chosen:

  • Newcastle Jets
  • Melbourne City
  • Adelaide United
  • Melbourne Victory
  • Perth Glory
  • Central Coast Mariners
  • Western Sydney Wanderers
  • Brisbane Roar
  • Wellington Phoenix

Clubs can use the “home grown talent rule” during the draft as well, giving them priority over an interstate team when signing a local player. Further, teams are able to choose a draft pick at their discretion based on both performance and/or organisational fit — it’s entirely up to them.

Some clubs have already made contact with players and have signed their first pick, meaning they’ll only have to choose one more player during the draft. These teams are Sydney FC (signing PlayStation 4 player Mark Brijeski), Melbourne City (signing Xbox One player Marcus Gomes), Brisbane Roar (signing PlayStation 4 player Dino Flocco), and Central Coast Mariners (who will be holding a tournament this weekend to pick their directly contacted player on Xbox One). 

The FFA have also announced that the first round of the e-League will take place on the 15th of February, with broadcast arrangements to be announced closer to the date.

Here are the top 50 competitors as ranked by the e-League draft:

Draft pick First name Last name Gamer handle Comment
1 Mark Brijeski xMarkoHD Signed by Sydney FC
2 Harry Blackmore HoneyBadgers2134
3 Joseph Nassar OhNoAGoat
4 Zachary May-Burgess vDreaMz–Shooter
5 Christian Bartolillo Fweshest
6 Campbell Knowles honurbly airbrn
7 George Cleaver gcchelsea
8 Joel Andruszkiewicz JAz cb
9 Kiran Gupta KyrenFIFA
10 Justin Josevski Justmanutd12
11 Storm Noa MrSkuxxtacular
12 Jamie O’Doherty FUTWIZ Jamie
13 James Hayes TacticsHazey
14 Andrew Dilabio Dilabiio-
16 Josh Wood joshingwood
17 Glenn Gallagher thebigdog2525
18 Nathan Kennedy The Nabsta
19 John Orban Johnny Atilla
20 Joshua Gresham joshawaa
21 Dylan Banks aussiefifahd
22 David Cook HighFly357
23 Pablo Vicioso Mr Pablo V
24 Ryan Bongetti ChlorineBomb
25 Ben Puckeridge Bilbaobaggins7
26 Dino Flocco ol_Mate_ Signed by Brisbane Roar
27 Christopher Ward ward_c_J
28 Steven Chapman Taboo UK
29 Dane Crow Bossierhickory8
30 Boon Shin Lim FDG_Shige
31 Mathew Zalewski MatyBoy98
32 Justin Hilliard striVe Shrapnel
33 Matthew McKinnon CommunistCookie
34 Cameron Fairbairn IZ_Pu1s3_ZI
35 Mitch Austin ALCATRAZZ_2025
36 Jake Vlatko o MR JaKEY o
37 Trevor Meehl Superstar655
38 Bohdan Ling Grim_rap_er
39 Mouad Zwed MuadZwed
40 Ryan Naylor theninjaskrteis
41 Ben Takos Takos_11
42 Jack Kehoe UvealClient6579
43 Samer Elbadar Samer96_
44 Louis Hadfield Haddzy
45 Serge Halas Sergehalas
46 Liam Walker Solar Camo
47 Antonio Arnaiz washedupkais
48 Panayiotis Saisanas saisanas
49 James Sgouras Avant D 1 M 1
50 Alex Blundell DictatorDweeb

With the first ever e-League set to kick off soon, it’s going to be fascinating to see how it all plays out!