Well, the time has come! After a few months of anticipation and excitement, the E-League is kicking off tonight and it’s going to be fascinating to watch how it all plays out.

With all of the competitors playing in a centralised LAN setting in Sydney, we’re in for an intriguing set of match ups between some of the country’s best players.

I’d usually make predictions in a preview piece, but considering we’re about to enter the first round of the first ever E-League competition, I’ll hold out until we see some results at the end of this round and will then go from there.

That said, here are this week’s match ups:

Melbourne Victory vs Brisbane Roar
PlayStation 4: Mouad Zwed (MuadZwed) vs Dino Flocco (ol_Mate_)
Xbox One: Mitch Austin (ALCATRAZZ_2025) vs James Williams (iCripsy)

Melbourne City vs Sydney FC
PlayStation 4: Josh Wood (Joshingwood) vs Mark Brijeski (xMarkoHD)
Xbox One: Marcus Gomes (SoccerStar007777) vs Samer Elbadar (Samer96_)

Western Sydney Wanderers vs Newcastle Jets
PlayStation 4: Rick Tran (RDOUBLETTT) vs Bohdan Ling (BLfifa)
Xbox One: Joseph Nassar (OhNoAGoat) vs Dane Crow (Bossierhickory8)

Wellington Phoenix vs Perth Glory
PlayStation 4: Christian Bartolillo (Fweshest) vs Peter Saisanas (Saisanas)
Xbox One: Justin Josevski (Justmanutd12) vs David Cook (HighFly357)

Adelaide United vs Central Coast Mariners
PlayStation 4: Zachary May-Burgess (vDreams-Shooter) vs Kiran Gupta (KyrenFIFA)
Xbox One: Jamie O’Doherty (FUTWIZ Jamie) vs Matthew Camilleri (StrawHat Camels)

It’s worth noting that the stipulations of the E-League outline that each competitor must have three A-League players in their side when competing, and the players need to be from the club they’ve been drafted to. I’ve noticed some competitors have confirmed what players they’ll be using in this week’s round of the E-League, so I’ve included them below.

Xbox One Bracket

Game 1: Melbourne Victory’s Mitch Austin (ALCATRAZZ_2025) vs Brisbane Roar’s James Williams (iCripsy)

Austin’s chosen Victory players: Mitch Austin, Jason Geria, and Besart Berisha
Williams’ chosen Roar players: Brett Holman, with two TBA

Game 2: Melbourne City’s Marcus Gomes (SoccerStar00777) vs Sydney FC’s Samer Elbadar (Samer96_)

Gomes’ chosen City players: Bruno Fornaroli, Dario Vidosic, and Scott Jamieson
Elbadar’s chosen Sydney FC players: Adrian Mierzejewski, Bobo, and Milos Ninkovic

Game 3: Western Sydney Wanderers’ Joseph Nassar (OhNoAGoat) vs Newcastle Jets’ Dane Crow (Bossierhickory8)

Nassar’s chosen WSW players: Josh Risdon, Alvaro Cajudo, and Roly Bonevacia
Crow’s chosen Jets players: Roy O’Donovan, Riley McGree, and Dimi Petratos

Game 4: Wellington Phoenix’s Justin Josevski (Justmanutd12) vs Perth Glory’s David Cook (HighFly357)

Josevski’s chosen Phoenix players: Nathan Burns, Roy Krishna, and Scott Galloway
Cook’s chosen Glory players: Diego Castro, Joseph Mills, and Chris Harold

Game 5: Adelaide United’s Jamie O’Doherty (FUTWIZ Jamie) vs Central Coast Mariners’ Matthew Camilleri (StrawHat Camels)

O’Doherty’s chosen Adelaide United players: TBA
Camilleri’s chosen Central Coast players: Andrew Hoole, Liam Rose, with one TBA

PlayStation 4 Bracket

Game 6: Melbourne Victory’s Moued Zwed (MaudZwed) vs Brisbane Roar’s Dino Flocco (ol_Mate_)

Zwed’s chosen Victory players: likely to be Jason Geria and Kosta Barbarouses, with another TBA
Flocco’s chosen Roar players: Eric Bautheac, Brett Holman, and Jack Hingert

Game 7: Melbourne City’s Josh Wood (joshingwood) vs Sydney FC’s Mark Brijeski (xMarkoHD)

Wood’s chosen City players: TBA
Brijeski’s chosen Sydney FC players: TBA

Game 8: Western Sydney Wanderers’ Rick Tran (RDOUBLETTT) vs Newcastle Jets’ Bohdan Ling (BLfifa)

Tran’s chosen WSW players: Alvaro Cejudo, Roly Bonevacia, and Josh Risdon
Ling’s chosen Jets players: Roy O’Donovan, Dimi Petratos, and Daniel Georgievski

Game 9: Wellington Phoenix’s Christian Bartolilo (Fweshest) vs Perth Glory’s Peter Saisanas (Saisanas)

Bartolilo’s chosen Phoenix players: TBA
Saisanas’ chosen Glory players: TBA

Game 10: Adelaide United’s Zachary May-Burgess (vDreamz-Shooter) vs Central Coast Mariners’ Kiran Gupta (KyrenFIFA)

May-Burgess’ chosen Adelaide United players: TBA
Gupta’s chosen Central Coast players: TBA

This round should prove to be a fascinating one to watch unfold, with players getting to grips with the tournament environment and getting a feel for other players’ play styles. Similarly, we, as viewers, should get a good idea of how FOX Sports are going to be running the tournament, which will be interesting in itself.

You’ll be able to stream the matches live tonight from 8pm AEDT on Twitch and via FOX Sports’ streaming hub online.