The team behind the Esports High Performance Centre has announced they will be adding EA SPORTS FIFA to the partnership with N8 Esports, led by former EA SPORTS FIFA competitor Nathan Patrick who also previously worked as a Digital Analyst for FOX SPORTS.

After the success of the inaugural E-League, an EA SPORTS FIFA competition run by Football Federation Australia and produced by FOX SPORTS – the partnership will give analysis and coaching support for FIFA esports athletes, and will operate out of the Esports High Performance Centre, with the aim of making Australia globally competitive at major tournaments.

“Esports is a data rich environment, and competitors and teams should be utilising those data points to enhance performance. In partnership with the Esports High Performance Centre, N8 Esports will use innovative analytical techniques to improve the gameplay of Australia’s best EA SPORTS FIFA esports athletes”, said Nathan Patrick from N8 Esports.

Dave Harris, Managing Director of Guinevere Capital Esports & Entertainment, is confident that success in other esports genres can be translated to EA SPORTS FIFA, saying:

“The traditional sports model translates in many facets to esports, and we will be implementing holistic programs for the benefit of EA SPORTS FIFA esports athletes. While gameplay may be the end product, competitors’ physical condition, emotional and mental preparation, are vitally important components that will be addressed.”

With the EA SPORTS FIFA eWorld Cup due to take place in August, Patrick said the potential benefits to A-League teams were immeasurable, as they join the likes of Manchester City, PSG, and Roma, in having several competitors just one step away from representation at the prestigious tournament.

“There are now four competitors who will be representing A-League clubs in front of an audience of millions at the Global Series Playoffs, most of whom will be in the 13 to 35 age bracket. You can’t buy that type of exposure.”

Just as in traditional football, many consider Australian competitors to be among the weaker in the global landscape, however Patrick does not share that sentiment.

“The mechanical output of competitors in this country is no different to what we see in Europe, or any other region. What Australian competitors need to go further in major tournaments is regular analysis, coaching, and mentoring, and thanks to this partnership with the Esports High Performance Centre, they now have that opportunity.”