When the upcoming beta for Star Wars Battlefront was announced, EA Games and DICE revealed a new mode called Drop Zone however nothing else was revealed. Today, the new mode was detailed showcasing a king of the hill style gameplay.

Teams of 8 will fight for control of drop pods falling on the battlefield. The first team to capture 5 drop pods or control majority of them after the 10 minute timer wins the match.

“This goes hand in hand with our design philosophy behind many of the game modes in Star Wars Battlefront,” Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall explains. “We’re promoting the idea of a fast, action-packed game where you need to be mobile and think on your feet. Camping doesn’t really pay off.”

Claiming the pods also comes with perks where it will include power pickups. When a team claims a pod, it will start opening up but this takes time and players must toss up whether to go hang around or attack another pod.

Star Wars Battlefront drops 19th November 2015.