2014 has been another big year for movies. Perhaps not as huge as 2013, but we’ve still seen a bunch of great superhero flicks, some genuinely incredible films with new ideas and Nolan’s latest and greatest. Definitely not bad by any stretch of the imagination. This award was a difficult one, and it took a little bit of shouting, but we got there in the end. Here’s our winner for Film of The Year.

Winner – Gone Girl

David Fincher, Gillian Flynn, an adaptation of a VERY popular book. Gone Girl had a hell of a lot to live up to, not only for fans of the book but for fans of Fincher’s previous work too. It’s safe to say that it did more than just live up to expectations, but it also gave Ben Affleck a fighting chance to show fans that he can be an awesome Batman. I (at least) believe in Batfleck, and Gone Girl was a culmination of incredible writing, a thrilling suspense story and brilliant twists. It truly leaves you thinking about everything and everyone around you after the credits roll.


2nd Place – Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal knocks it out of the park yet again in Nightcrawler. Not only is this film an interesting one to watch for fans of all genres, but it’s the way it seemingly blends dark comedy and action together into one hilariously overwhelming package. It’s dark, gritty, thrilling and wonderful, rightfully deserving 2nd spot in our list.


3rd Place – X-Men: Days of Future Past

What happens when you bring back Bryan Singer to rectify all that was lost with X-men 3: The Last Stand? He gives no crap about its entire existence. Days of Future Past is an incredible supehero film that knows no limits, bringing back the old cast of X-Men and uniting the new cast together in one of the most thrilling, exciting and unrelenting comic-book adaptations to date. It’s edge of your seat stuff, and we can’t wait for X-Men: Apocalypse.


What films wowed you the most this year? Let us know in the comments below!