If you prefer your shooters raw and realistic, then look no further than Insurgency. As promised by the developer, Insurgency will see one of it’s first content update coming towards the end of this month. Codenamed “Molotov Spring” – the content update adds a reworked ‘Buhriz’ map, improved Co-Op and improved AI enemies while also improving on the foundations of the game.

The biggest highlight of this update has to be the addition of a harder hitting AI which will throw smokes/frags and the ‘occasional’ RPG making the experience more engaging. Above is a video of beta footage from the upcoming update showcasing the new AI.¬†Insurgency Molotov Spring update will be free of charge.

Be sure to follow the Insurgency Facebook page where they’ll feature more content from the update and you can also check out our review here: ¬†Read our Review