The first dedicated Esports bar in Sydney called ‘First Round’ is set to open its doors mid-2018. The bar will be located in the suburb of Ashfield (within Sydney’s Inner-West area), roughly 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD and close to Ashfield train station with easily accessible parking.

Owner of First Round Esports Bar, Frank Leung, grew up playing classic games like Super Mario, Pokemon and Golden Sun and later transitioned to more competitive games such as Starcraft, Warcraft and Dota. Like many others he has welcomed the rise of competitive gaming in recent years and envisions that First Round will be “a central hub for the community to meet, compete and most importantly, relax in an environment catered to them”.

“As an avid sports fan, I can say that moments in esports are just as hype and engaging as any iconic moment in professional sporting competitions anywhere in the world and I want to deliver that experience to the community and fans.”

Not much else has been revealed but gamers will be able to play a wide range of games, watch Esports broadcasts of their favourite titles, and participate in events, tournaments and casual meet ups.

First Round Esports Bar has announced they will be posting more updates in the coming weeks so make sure you like and follow their Facebook page here or on Twitter  here for the latest.