Local Sydney developer Flat Earth Games, creator of TownCraft have revealed their next title Metrocide coming to PC and MAC.

Metrocide is a top down stealth-action game inspired by Syndicate and the original GTA where players control legendary contract killer T.J. Trench earning cash for brutally killing people. With the whole city against you, Trench has a variety of weapons and bombs at his disposal so taking down enemies should be a breeze… right? Well depends how hard the ‘fascist’ cop drones are.

“Metrocide caught my attention immediately for two reasons,” said Vinny Parisi, Editor-in-Chief of Indie Game Magazine. “The title and the atmosphere.”

“It’s kind of a sanity project for us,” added Leigh Harris, Director of Flat Earth Games. “We’ve been working on an all-inclusive game for such a long time now. And sometimes, well, you kinda just need to shoot someone with a futuristic shotgun.”

The game is due out mid 2014.